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Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Home Improvement |

The Best Tools for Painters!

When renovating your space, the easiest way to achieve a different look and creating a refreshing vibe is to paint the walls with different colors and patterns. And the fun thing is that you can do it yourself so that you can get a more personalized vibe. To help you with your painting, you can opt to buy these tools:

  1. Paint spouts – paint spout are tools that most painters ignore because they think that they are unnecessary. However, spending an additional dollar on these smart little tools will bring you lots of comfort and ease when cleaning up because they prevent the paint from spilling as you pour it. Moreover, it protects the can from having paint all over it during pouring and thus you will not worry about having dirty fingers when handling the cans!
  2. Touch-up pen – these tools are very important for do it yourself painters because they remove the need for repainting the whole area when a patch of your wall is scratched or peels off. Some touch up pens available have chemicals which dissolve the dried up paint in your storage so you can ensure that you will use the same color to fill out the peeled off part of your wall.
  3. Smart roller cleaners – quality roller are very expensive. Some painters, when painting with different colors, settle then for the cheaper, low quality ones because they will be needing a lot. However, the cheap rollers do not apply paint as well as the expensive ones. Sometimes the paint becomes uneven and clumps. Most of the time, some spaces are left behind that you need to do a lot of rolling before the job is done. Buying smart roller cleaners will rid you of this problem because you can now opt to buy the better quality one and use it for different colors just by rewashing it.
  4. Masker – masking tape have been a popular choice of painters to cover the areas where you do not want paint to go in. Doing this can take a very long time though because you will always need to look for the edge of the tape and cut each time you reach the end. Good thing is that there is already a fine solution to that problem. There is a tool called a hand masker that will do the trick for you without needing to hold the tape, put it down to get the scissors etc.

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