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Posted by on Jun 18, 2016 in Services |

The Caravan Battery

Caravan battery is basically a normal car battery usually expected with a potential of 12 volts. A battery’s purpose in the car is in the car ignition system and is expected to be of use in starting the car by producing current which will flow into the igniter circuit and start the engine.

The make-up of the caravan battery is six lead acid cells which produce a potential of about 2 volts each with a combined potential of about 12 volts. The lead acid cells are made so as to go through electrolytic reaction hence produce electricity. This a chemical cell used in producing electricity. On shorting the terminals of the caravan battery, there is a closed circuit available for current to flow freely through hence the reaction commences and there is flow of electricity as a result of the potential of the six individual lead acid cells. The lead cells have their structure such that there is an anode and a cathode for each individual cell. The anodes are made of lead(ii)oxide while the cathodes are made of pure lead metal, all of which are in direct contact which the electrolyte used, usually sulfuric acid, the result of which is a chemical, electrochemical reaction that yields potential difference across the terminals hence current flows freely once the terminals are shorted.

Discharging process of the lead acid cell is after the terminals are connected in a closed circuit allowing for free flow of electrons. This flow is based on a chemical reaction where the sulfuric acid reacts with the lead oxide plates in an oxidation reaction yielding lead sulfate compound. When the battery is being recharged, the lead sulfate compound return to initial state of lead oxide and the electrolyte is also restored.

Common use of the caravan battery is beyond the basic use to power up the ignition system and start up the car. The battery is also used to run the radio or the basic electric system which powers up the mirror circuit and allows for the mirror positions to be altered electronically. Also, used to power up parking lights as well as the dashboard lights which indicate various things to the driver or the car user. Older, worn out batteries are used as primary sources of power for small radios as well as lighting system in houses. The caravan battery Gold Coast are useful whether in the car or outside the car. Some of the improvised used are such as carefully shorting the terminals to provide a spark used I starting of campfires.

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