The Functions of Retaining Walls

The Functions of Retaining Walls

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If you are looking for ways as to how your backyard of even your front porch will look more dramatic, then by simply adding a retaining wall will make a huge difference in the appearance. Apart from adding an aesthetic value to your home, the retaining walls will serve many important functions such stopping soil erosion as the main function of the retaining wall is to hold the soil together. If your backyard or your front porch has a vertical slope, you have probably experienced soil erosion a number of times, more so during the rainy season. The planting of grass is not enough to hold the soil together and this is where the function of retaining walls comes in.


The retaining wall serve dual functions. There is no doubt that it will make your backyard or front porch more beautiful. There are many types of materials for the retaining walls to choose from and the effects are really dramatic. The materials could be bricks or stones with different shapes and sizes or even wood plank. Then aside from its decorative function, it is the most practical way to solve the problem of uneven slope in the area. It will stabilize the slope landscape and at the same time, it will provide flat surfaces in areas with interval elevations.

Then another function of the retaining walls is to stop flooding. When the rain comes and you have a sloping backyard or front porch, the tendency is to cause flooding as there is no structure to hold the water. But if you are going to build retaining walls, no matter how strong the rains would be, you will have no flooding issues.

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