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Posted by on Mar 2, 2017 in Services |

Three Common Mistakes that Create Harmful Effects in Plumbing System

We all make mistakes almost every day, as the saying goes to err is human. But all mistakes yield bad results, how small it may be. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make every day is ruining the plumbing system. The results of these mistakes tend to be noticed in the long run. Here are some of the things that we normally do that ruin our system.

Flashing Everything Away

We all know that potato peels, food scraps, and grease and oil don’t belong to the sink. But we are all guilty that we take our sink for granted and let those small amounts pass. It may not affect your sewage system from the start, so we didn’t mind and do that intentionally. We throw the little things but eventually, it could be the primary reason why you need to call plumbers.

Plumbing Service

Over Weight Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures is not just about the faucet, it’s any device that’s connected to the plumbing system and interacts with water. Some of these are bathtubs, sinks, shower and taps. If we put too much weight on our faucets like shampoo racks, towel rail and more then it may affect the circulation of the water. What’s worst is to break the faucet itself. You won’t be proud to talk to the plumbers if they ask what the reason why the incident happens is.

Pouring Chemicals

If we’ve noticed that the water slowly go down the drain, our first reaction can be putting chemicals and cleaner to make the water subside. We may think that this is better than calling plumbers because it is cheaper. While in reality, these products make more damage that you can imagine. Liquid drain cleaners are harsh chemicals that damage the pipes. Calling someone who’s knowledgeable is the best things that we can do.

Now that we’ve realised that those simple things are mistakes, then we can pay more attention to not making it again. We tend to overlook these problems as that’s why we seek a temporary solution. Sadly, these silly mistakes harm our drainage in a massive way.

Calling plumber Canberra once in a while to check the maintenance and do some works that are necessary on your system will definitely give you a peace of mind.

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