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Posted by on May 28, 2016 in Home Maintenance |

Tips to Assist you in the Selection of Shutters for your Home

If you are looking for an alternative to curtains, shades and blinds, shutters are an option worth considering. When installed inside the house, they regulate light, heat, cold and even noise and provide the highest level of privacy for the home. For the people thaat are prone to allergies, the shutters are easier to deal with as they accumulate less dust than other window treatment. There is also the fact that the additions are an effective way in adding to the value of your home.

Shutter styles

Most of the shutters that are available in the market have horizontal slats or blades. These blades can be adjusted up or down with a vertical tilt. The degree of the tilt is what determines the amount of light that gets into the room. The traditional shutters also have wedge-shaped louvers. These have their origin in England and are shallow enough to e mounted inside the regular window frame. They are best for places that experience long periods of cold weather.

Plantation shutters are another common option. They have an elliptical shape and their origin in the warmer Mediterranean climates. They have wide slats which let in more air while at the same time blocking the sunlight. The wide slats are also a plus for the aesthetic beauty of the home as they create an architectural statement. They are the excellent choice for people that have plantation style homes. The normal louver width is about 3 ½ inches, but it is possible to have it customized in order to fit your specific needs.

Panel shutters are another common style. They normally have no louvers and feature a mold like trim. Most of the time, they will have decorative cutouts such as a moon or a star. If you want light to get into the room, you have to open the windows completely. There are some panel designs that come with louvers at the top and the bottom half.

Different types of materials are used in the making of the shutters. The most common of these materials are wood, polywood, and vinyl. Wooden shutters are preferred by people that like the elegant and class that comes with a natural shutter material. The polywood is preferred by people that want a cheaper shutter alternative that resembles wood. Vinyl on the other hand, is ideal for moist settings because they do now warp when they are placed in moist settings.

These are the choices that you have to consider when dealing with shutters. The benefits of installing the structures are enough to motivate anyone to opt for this window treatment alternative. See

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