Updated Home Must-Haves To Increase Property Value

Updated Home Must-Haves To Increase Property Value

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Home Maintenance

If you’re planning to resell your home in the next few years, remember one thing: maintenance. This goes beyond big spaces and awesome designs. If the prospective buyer went on a tour of the property and saw that it is not properly maintained and the quality of materials is poor, they will not sign the deal.

Aside from maintenance, you also need to upgrade few features in the house to increase its value. To give you an idea, here are some of the things you should get:

Plantation shutters

The plantation shutters Maitland make the best window treatment to your house. It has safety features which can block thieves to enter your home. This material has a built-in lock inside that is heavy duty.

If privacy is your concern, you can just move the panel downwards to close the opening. Sunlight can be blocked with the use of plantation shutters. You can easily fold the wood to let the sunshine in and out.

Walk-in closet

This is one of the biggest change we’ve seen in the last three years. Homebuyers are fishing for houses with large storage and walk-in closet. Why? If you will think about it, clothes and cabinets can look messy in the bedroom. If you have a separate room for all your stuff, everything become organised. Moreover, walk-in closet lets you have bigger space to maintain your designer bags and shoes.

Intimate details

Create unique elements in the house that can improve its overall aesthetics. Say, install light fixtures or architectural designs in the kitchen. Anything is possible, just use your imagination and creativity.

Outdoor kitchen

A neat indoor kitchen is a necessity, but having an outdoor kitchen is just awesome. Imagine barbeque night with friends and family. This will definitely impress visitors to make the most of their stay. Don’t forget to purchase outdoor furniture to complete the look of the place.