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Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Home Improvement |

Variant Bamboo Flooring Products

Bamboo floor Perth provide different types of wooden floors that are available in the building construction industry field, it is manufactured very exclusively from the bamboo plants. Many of the bamboo flooring products have their manufacturers based in the Asian countries such as China. Bamboo is a great alternative when flooring based on the numerous similarities it has when it is likened to the ideal hardwood trees. A bamboo floor is normally strong, high strength is relative of the ability to withstand stress without falter or the ability to withstand higher pressure subjected to it without breaking or without damage being inflicted on it. Bamboo floors are also quite easy to produce. This is because bamboo, which is the raw material used in the production of bamboo flooring products, is a plant which matures relatively quickly hence the plant is easily replaceable even after harvesting it. Bamboo is naturally fashioned among the works of craftsmanship of Mother Nature herself to be insect repellent as well as high resistance to damage by moisture. The hardness which is observed with bamboo as a raw material in flooring for house, buildings and business premises, is enrapturing. There are newer techniques being used in the production of bamboo based wooden tiles as well as bamboo floor board pieces. Bamboo, depending on the method incorporated into processing of the final products, which are as a result of its use as the raw material for their manufacture, have a wide range of hardness.

Bamboo floors which go through less a process of industrial manufacture are such as those used in stilted houses’ flooring, where the bamboo pieces are cut into thin strips that are all nailed together, ultimately onto a larger piece of bamboo and used for flooring, to allow for ease in flow and circulation of air, hence the major purpose for ventilation purpose. More processed bamboo floor materials are such as those that are boiled in boric acid in order to eliminate the presence of starch and sugars which may be present in the bamboo based flooring material. Such bamboo floors are harder and they have the characteristic color of beech wood which is lighter. For a darker shade, the bamboo is subjected to high temperature steam under regulated and monitored pressure level. The final bamboo floor will have the characteristic darker color. The whole process of darkening the shade is referred to as carbonization. The final installation of a bamboo floor is easier because the planks have joints that interlock. Combination of wood planks with different shades of color can be achieved. This way, completing the bamboo floor with accordance to the client’s desires.

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