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Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Services |

Videos For Multiple Purposes

The entire process of creating a video is called video production. It utilizes videography, or otherwise known as cinematography, and other processes it may entail such as video editing, rendering and the like. There are several types of video production and their classification is primarily based on the purpose. You may also notice that certain types may overlap with the others as each type discussed encompasses a lot of aspects.

Corporate Videos

In the world of business, having entertaining and creative infomercials are advantageous. These videos appeal not only to the visual cognition but to the emotions of the viewers as well. Hence, a company would opt to invest in making this type of video production. The main focus of this type focuses on the enterprise and service or product the company offers. It can be applicable to the different advocacy of the company as well. This type may include sales and marketing videos, conference videos, seminars, event videos, presentation videos, and company culture videos.

Information Videos

This type focuses on showcasing self-help videos. It may include training videos, videos on series of tips, educational videos, magazine shows, and animations or simplified teaching videos. These are essential in distance or off-campus education and for people seeking a quick access to a step-by-step process. Demonstrations are clearly depicted in this type that the vagueness of terms and instructions and the ambiguity of language that a written document entails are surpassed. This is particularly helpful in explaining complicated mechanisms and concepts.

Entertainment Videos

This type is focused on solely entertaining the viewers. They include music videos, travel videos, movies, and television videos.

Broadcast or News Videos

This type is primarily utilized by the mass media or mass communication that concentrates on the current events of both national and global significance. It has been one of the oldest types of video production and includes journalism videos, interview videos, public service announcements, and documentary videos. They may encompass infomercials, news magazines shows, and other campaign and advocacy clips as well. Most of the news videos give live and fresh clips that let you witness a live historic event. The impact of mass media is vast as it can easily sensationalize and set the minds of people as to what has been happening across the globe. This greatly affects the values of the citizens, appeals to the emotion of the mass in cases of tragic events, and influences their decision-making ability when it comes to elections and other national events they must partake.

Event Videos

Event videos are created to serve as a proof to an event that has taken place. It also captures a memory in the past such as life events, sports, school, concerts, religious, historic events, and the like. Event videos are one of the easiest to capture as you can do it at home. Event videos is great when capturing a very special event such as wedding, debut, and other similar celebrations. Live event videos are also available as they are easily transmitted through a satellite truck from the exact location where the event is happening. Moreover, you can contact video production Sydney to create and customize videos!

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