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Posted by on Jan 21, 2017 in Home Maintenance |

Ways To Effectively Protect Your Property From The Destructive Termites

Building a house these days is quite expensive. This is why, more families are just renting because they can’t afford to build a house. It is said that a house is probably one of the most expensive investment man can ever have in his lifetime. This is why, if you are one of those who are lucky and is now living in his own built house, for sure you will do everything so that you can protect that from threats. There are just about so many factors that can damage a typical home like environmental catastrophe, fire and of course termites, to name a few.

Among these threats, termites are the scariest.

Yes, termites are really scary for the reason that they resemble the deadly illness, cancer. It means, you only know they are already around when the damage incurred is too much already. However, the good thing about this though is you can control termites unlike the other mentioned threats. You can prevent these terrifying creatures from invading your place, to start with.


Here are some of the strongest manners to protect your property from the damaging termites:

a) First of all, you should know that most termites will be attracted to areas with moisture. Thus if your place is surrounded with dampness, the for sure they can easily notice it and will soon plan your house to be their next residence meal. What you should do is clear up the surroundings of your home. Make sure that those damp areas will be addressed and make sure as well that even the tiniest holes will be addressed as they can be the gateways of termites. Check out your roof as sometimes, they also start looking for pathways there.

b) We all know that air conditioning units generate moisture and this is what termites love the most. This is why, make sure that the release of your air conditioning units is not near the foundation of your home.

c) If your place has an attic, you should always check the wooden beam since we all know that termites are always hungry for wooden materials. Try touching it if it feels spongy and always apply termite treatment spray or you can also call a termite control agency if you think that there are already termites around your place.

d) Boxes with paper inside are also great attraction for termites as aside from materials made of wood, paper are also their greatest foods. If you really have to store these papers, wrap them with plastic and store them in your attic.

e) Wooden flooring is also prone to termites especially if they are almost touching the soil. They should be checked all the time or if you still have to build your home, make sure to lay down termite barrier.

There are still a number of ways that termites can invade your place. If you think they are already around, the best way to deal with this is to hire Termites Gold Coast.

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