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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Home Improvement |

What Are The Things To Expect When Buying Bamboo Floors

When considering about bamboo floor, the material offers a large variety of options to choose from. The bamboo can be installed vertically or horizontally. There are also carbonized bamboo and scrapped bamboo. The material is extremely friendly to the environment plus, it keeps your home cool and comfy. It is one of the perfect solutions to the problem when conserving trees from the forest.


More and more people are opting for this kind of trend ranging from different designs. Because if its visual appearance making your floor lovely as ever, lots of homeowners really love the material. It adds warm and the cozy feeling at home giving you a very pleasant atmosphere. No wonder why Villas, Spas, and other relaxing accommodations are using this kind of materials to provide relaxation to their customers.


Bamboo trees are durable and perfect flooring material. It can serve over than 15 years and so and can be equally strong with concrete materials. Moreover, it will not deteriorate fast since the woods are resistant from moisture. Bamboo floor is ideal for kitchen because of its moisture resistant. Of course, you should always protect your floor in order to prolong its life. Since bamboo is still considered as a wood material, it can swell and get weaken if you leave water lying on the materials.

Bamboo materials

There are many kinds of bamboo flooring available. When choosing one, make sure that the bamboo flooring is made from Moso Species the Moso bamboo has its optimum hardness and it can only be harvested at least 5 years old. There are some manufacturers that tend to make the bamboo softer and it is called as carbonization. Carbonized bamboo floor is often used in resorts and villas. The process includes heating that changes its color to amber.

Natural Bamboo

Natural bamboo has its light colors which are more durable than carbonized flooring. If you really want to make sure that your flooring is durable, then you can’t go wrong with natural bamboo. Natural bamboo can come in wood planks and you can install them by nailing them or gluing them on the floor. If you wish that your flooring has a darker color since it is going to be used to your bedroom, preferably, stained bamboo would be your best option.

It is important to do your research before purchasing hardwood bamboo floor. Look for the best bamboo flooring prices Perth that meet the standards of the government environmental guidelines.

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