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Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Services |

What To Check Before Calling Air Conditioning Services

Due to the global warming, the temperature we’re feeling is really high causing us to stay inside of the comfort of our homes or hotels  and inside the coldness of our air condition. Maybe most of us want to get out and enjoy the heat, but there are times that the heat is just so unbearable. What if it just so happens that our air-con suddenly got broke? Should we call the air conditioning services right away?

Here are the things you need to check before calling any air conditioning services:

• Troubleshoot. You need to assess the problem first. What is wrong with your A/C? Is it simply not working? Is it not cooling the room so much? Or is it simply blowing warm air? If you can answer any of these questions start checking the other parts as to why this is happening.

• Check electrical power in the house. Sometimes, especially people with short temper, they would immediately call someone to fix the problem when in fact the only problem is just there’s no power in the unit. Make sure to check if there’s an electrical power. After checking the power and the unit is still not working, the next thing you need to check is the circuit breaker. Make sure that the breaker is not tripped. And if after checking the two and the units are still not working, check the switch on both indoor and outdoor units. This will give you a big chance to make the unit work.

• Check air filter. Sometimes, a unit is just blowing off warm air around the room because the air filter is not cleaned so it can’t get a good amount of air to blow. Make sure the filter is clean, free from dust.

• Check thermostat. Thermostats are the one responsible for regulating the temperature of your unit. If your unit doesn’t give the cooling air you want, check the thermostat if it’s still working.

• Check drains lines and/or condensation pumps. At times, when your unit’s drain line is not clean, the unit won’t work properly. It would give you cool air but not enough to give you comfortable surroundings. Also, make sure to check the condensation pumps to keep pumping the condensation out.

• Check safety switch pan under the unit. Sometimes, you accidentally bump the pans of your unit and forget to fix it. This problem could not just give you a problem about your air conditioning unit, but also a huge problem on water.

After checking all of these things and the A/C still not working, you should start calling the air conditioning services Brisbane. However, if only one of these things have a problem and you can just solve it on your own, save your local air conditioning services the energy on going at your house. Yes it may be their job to fix a broken A/C but if you could just do it by yourself, you can save some money.

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