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Posted by on Jan 19, 2017 in Services |

When To Get Penalized From Hiring Skip Bins

When hiring Brisbane skip bins, there are things that you have to consider. yes, you are paying for renting skip bins but moreover to that, you may as well get penalized for some other reasons. It is necessary that you read the contract first from your skip bins company, before accepting their skip bins. You would not want to pay more than you can, just because you failed to read their regulations.

When to get penalized

Unfortunately, companies providing skip bins have their policies that might hurt you. Although if you follow the policies they implement, you will have no issues about this. The policies actually are to protect their companies welfare, thus understandable. Read their directives and make sure you follow them.

Returning skip bins late

Companies will set a schedule of pick up of bins, thus ready or not, they will pull it out. If any case you need to extend dates, better call them earlier and see if it is possible, but once they are there and you decline them from picking up the bins, you will be then liable to pay penalty.

Putting rubbish that are prohibited on the skip bins

There are rubbish that companies may prohibited to put in their skip bins. It is necessary that you tell your skip bins provider, items that you will out in their bins, so you would know whether it is possible or not. You would not want to end up cleaning all the rubbish at home or office, and getting contacted after by the skip bins company seeking and requiring you to pay penalties, since you put rubbish on their bins that they prohibit.

Overloading the skip bins

If you are anticipating a large volume of rubbish disposal, better get larger size bins. You would not want to overload their bins, as you would definitely get penalized and to add, they may not be able and allowed to travel since they are overloaded. Match the volume of you rubbish to the size of the skip bins you will use.

Damaging the skip bins

You definitely have to make sure that you take care of the bins, park them to places where it is safe and out of possible chances of getting lost. Make sure that when you do not use the bins carelessly as there are hinges that may get misplaced or dislocated if you become to harsh using the bins.

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