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Posted by on Sep 29, 2016 in Services |

Why Commercial Solar Power is Important

In today’s commercial world, everything, beginning from generating electricity to motor vehicles on the road, runs on energy. With the increase in population and the extensive use of the nonrenewable source of energy, there is a fear that the world will be in darkness after few years. After a lot of discussions and the rising concern over this grave matter, most of the nations have joined hands in finding an alternative to meet our needs. One such alternative is the solar energy or the solar power.

The solar energy is nothing but a renewable source of energy and as the name suggests it is derived from the sunlight. In the initial stages, experiments were done to capture the energy in the solar cells and convert it into the usable form. As time progressed, it has been commercialized to meet our day to day needs. Let us first discuss how the commercial solar power is generated.

The most important pre-requisite to generate solar power are the solar panels. These panels are usually installed on roofs to capture the sun’s energy through the solar cells and with the help of inverter they are converted to AC power. To generate commercial solar power it is advisable to use powerful inverters of 250kw. There is an electric meter implemented which captures the excess power into the grid. It is highly recommended for business corporations as they will be benefitted more with the usage of time-of-use meter which helps us to know the peak time when the sunlight is more and power generated is high.

One of the most important factors to use solar power is cost control. Even though the initial installation charges for the setup required to produce commercial solar power are a bit more, the business makes profit by selling the same to its customers. In the longer run, the cost of installation seems nothing as there is no cost involved in procuring the energy source. As it is a renewable source of energy, therefore customers are assured price stability and are saved from the price fluctuations and the rising cost that are otherwise involved in non-renewable energy sources.

One of the major threats the world faces today, is pollution and the major reason for it is the combustible energy. However with the commercial solar energy being under demand, the pollution levels can be brought under control. As the sunlight is the source of energy production, the toxic substances and gas are not released to the atmosphere and in return we get a clean and eco-friendly environment.

Human beings strive hard to use technology in the best possible way to their advantage. The rapid growth of the solar business line is one such proof of the technological advancement. It can be rightly said that technology used in the solar power has not only rightly benefitted the human race but also solved the energy crisis of the world. Despite the several advantages cited above, the major drawback comes in the form of implementation and ignorance among common people.

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